Similar Repetitive Posts

Similar repetitive posts are not allowed on Heyluu.

If the Heyluu system is detecting that your account is posting similar repetitive posts, your account can be deactivated for security reasons to protect your account and to prevent bad experiences for all the Heyluu community.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can be similar repetitive posts?
> Many posts have the same content.
> Many posts have the same texts.
> Many posts have the same images.
> Many posts have the same videos.

How affect similar repetitive posts?
> This will not help you to increase visibility.
> this will create a bad experience for all the community to read and find different content on Heyluu Social.
> This will decrease credibility to the profile account.

How can I fix this?
> In case your account is deactivated and you can not log in to your account, just contact Heyluu Team at
> In case you can log in, just make sure posts have different texts and images.

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