How to set Chrome's default search to use Heyluu Search

- Open Chrome

- At the top right of Chrome, click the three dots to open the menu.

- Click "Settings"

- Under "Search engine", click "Manage search engines"

- If "Heyluu Search" already exists under "Other search engines", click the three dots next to it, then click "Make default", then you're done.

- If "Heyluu Search" does NOT already exist under "Other search engines", click the "Add" button under "Default search engines".

- Fill in the fields as follows:
Search engine:
URL with %s in place of query:
Then click the "Add" button, then you're done.

If you need to restore another search engine as your default, such as Google, click the three dots, then click "Make default" next to the search engine you want to set as the default.

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