How to Install ALYSSIUN

Step 1:
Download the ALYSSIUN app from the website

Step 2:
Open ALYSSIUN, the system will start to download the latest version of ALYSSIUN and will open automatically once the update is finished.

Done. Enjoy!

Problems You May Experience

Problem 1:
Because ALYSSIUN is not digitally signed yet, you may experience a warning from Windows Smartscreen. In this case, just click on "More info" (1) and then on "Run anyway" (2), as shown in the picture:

Problem 2:
In case ALYSSIUN doesn't run on your computer, make sure you already have installed Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable and DirectX 12.

Here are the two direct download links from Microsoft's website:

Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable

DirectX 12

<!---------- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) ---------->

What Is Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable?

How to install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables On Windows?

What is DirectX 12?

How To Install DirectX 12 On Windows?

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